WooCommerce Marketing Hub was introduced in WooCommerce 4.1 in May 2020. Marketing Hub is new addition to WooCommerce which adds a page dedicated to engaging with marketing tools. Marketing Hub recommends a small selection of marketing extensions to help store owners start with marketing.

How To Disable WooCommerce Marketing Hub Suggestions

You won’t receive these suggestions if you have already opted-out of Marketplace Suggestions from WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > WooCommerce.com.

WooCommerce Marketing Hub Disable Suggestions

Disabling the WooCommerce Marketing Hub suggestions won’t remove the whole Hub though.

How to Remove WooCommerce Marketing Hub Menu Item

If you’d like to remove the Marketing Hub from your WordPress installation, the following filter can be applied. Paste the snippet below in your child theme’s functions.php file.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_marketing_menu_items', '__return_empty_array' );

This filter will remove the menu item Marketing. You won’t be able to access the Marketing Hub if you visit its url https://example.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-admin&path=%2Fmarketing

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