Exporting WooCommerce orders is often used to:

  1. Analyze data: Exporting your orders can allow you to make informed decisions about your products and your customers.
  2. Back up your data: Keeping a backup of all your ecommerce data is crucial in cases of a system crash.
  3. Import WooCommerce orders in 3rd party system.

How to export WooCommerce orders, products or coupons to various formats such as CSV, XLS, XML, JSON, TSV, PDF or HTML.

There are lots of free and paid plugins who offer exporting WooCommerce data, but today I’ll show you my favourite: Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce By AlgolPlus. It is free plugin which has Pro Version, but trust me, the free version is all you need and here’s why.

Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce features

  • Exporting orders from date range;
  • Filtering orders by status, by custom fields, by metadata, by products, by product categories, by sku, by customers, by coupons, by billing location, by payment method, by shipping location, by shipping method;
  • Exporting formats: XLS, CSV, XML, JSON, TSV, PDF, HTML. And each format has file options like encoding, tags and more;
  • Misc settings like formating numbers, exporting notes etc.;
  • Plenty of options to reorder the exported fields by choosing which to include, which to remove, how to arrange them etc.;
  • Save your setting for future exports so you don’t have to waste time to set things up again.

Here is a quick tour of Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce

Export WooCommerce Orders alternatives

If you for any reason don’t like Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce or doesn’t work for you here are some alternatives.