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How to move a site from Blogger or WordPress.com

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Running a blog in Blogger or WordPress.com is free and simple, but it has its drawbacks. There comes a time when you need to customize, improve security, more server power, more storage and so on. That’s a good moment to choose good hosting and move your blog to new WordPress installation.

Move a site from Blogger

The content of an already developed site in Google Blogger (blogspot) can be transferred quickly and easily to a standalone hosting account. For this purpose, it’s necessary to have WordPress pre-installed in your new hosting account.

It is only possible to transfer the content of the blog. Unfortunately, the templates / designs used so far in Blogger cannot be transferred. After transferring the content to the newly installed WordPress, you will be able to install additional templates and plugins, activate widgets and more.

Lets move the posts from Blogger to WordPress.

1. Install Blogger importer to import content from Blogger

Moving from Blogger to WordPress is really easy: once you log into the admin panel of WordPress, from the left menu, select Tools -> Import and you’ll see a list of several options for transferring content. In this case, select “Blogger“. Click the “Install Now” button and “Run Importer.” An “Authorize” button will be displayed, which you need to select and log in to your Google Account.

2. Permission to download content from Blogger

After logging in to your Google Account, associated with the developed blog, it’s necessary to give permission to download the content.

You can do this by selecting the “Grant Access” button . One or more blogs you have created in Blogger will be displayed, with an “Import” button. Select “Import” for this blog whose content you want to transfer.

Note: In case you are unable to transfer the content of the site with Blogger Importer, you can try this plugin – Blogger Importer Extended.

Move a site from wordpress.com

If your site is located on the wordpress.com platform ( example.wordpress.com ) you can transfer its content by exporting and then importing through the WordPress Importer plugin.

After installing WordPress in your hosting account:

1. Export the content from wordpress.com

When exporting the content, the articles, comments and images are copied, without the theme and plugins to the site.

After logging in to the site administration at wordpress.com, click on the Tools -> Export menu , select Start Export , check the All content option and finish with Download Export File. The file you will download will have a .xml extension.

2. Import the content (file.xml) in WordPress in your new hosting

Once you have the export file, access the administration of the WordPress site that is installed in your hosting account.

Access the Tools menu -> Import and click on WordPress. In the window that opens, install and run the WordPress Importer. Then click Select File , select the exported .xml file, and click the Upload and Import from File button.

Move a site from Blogger or WordPress.com.

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