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WooCommerce 4.3 – What we’ll see

June 17th, 2020|WooCommerce|

As of today, WooCommerce 4.3 is available for beta testing. You can either download it directly from or install our WooCommerce Beta Tester Plugin. What’s new in WooCommerce 4.3? Go to WooCommerce 4.3 Changelog. [...]

WooCommerce 4.3 Changelog

June 17th, 2020|Changelog|

WooCommerce 4.3 will be available on July 7th 2020 and will bring new Home page experience, Blocks update, new hooks and functions. See what's coming. WooCommerce 4.3 Changelog Enhancement - Show notice to update to [...]

How to change domain name without losing traffic?

June 14th, 2020|WordPress|

Building a successful and, more importantly, sustainable business is often associated with a company's ability to adapt to change. One of these changes is rebranding. Globally, we see companies every day that decide to change [...]

How to disable WooCommerce Marketing Hub

June 6th, 2020|WooCommerce|

WooCommerce Marketing Hub was introduced in WooCommerce 4.1 in May 2020. Marketing Hub is new addition to WooCommerce which adds a page dedicated to engaging with marketing tools. Marketing Hub recommends a small selection of [...]

WooCommerce 4.2.0 Changelog

June 3rd, 2020|Changelog|

WooCommerce 4.2.0 is now available! This is a fix release that contains some stability and performance improvements and other minor bug fixes. It also introduces new Hooks and Functions. WooCommerce 4.2.0 Changelog WooCommerce Enhancement – [...]

What is XML-RPC?

May 28th, 2020|WordPress|

XML-RPC is a remote remote procedure call protocol. XML-RPC allows two applications running on different operating systems and in different environments to communicate with each other via the Web (over HTTP ). The information describing [...]