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Why WooCommerce Product Labels and Badges are Important?

Published On: May 30th, 2022|Categories: WooCommerce|5 min read|

Ever thought about adding labels and badges to products in your WooCommerce store?

Otherwise, the products on your website may not be on the priority list of your customers despite their quality and reasonable price. According to research by Monetate, using product labels on your online store can increase conversions by 55%.

What are Product Labels?

Product labels are the names of text or images that you can use to identify new items in your store, best sales, discounts or promotional activities, and effective policies for your customers.

The WooCommerce product label plugin helps you get users onboard quickly and can make a difference when it comes to purchases and conversions: it’s all about a great and flexible product that every store can have.

Why are Product Labels Important?

There are many ways in which branding can help shape consumer decisions. Some of the best reasons to add your products are: to help customers quickly find the products they want, to teach visitors about the benefits of products, to improve product loyalty, and motivate customers to buy.

In addition to providing information, these product attachments offer specific insights into the consumer’s mind that act quickly, such as inadequacy, popularity, loyalty, restraint, and so on.

For example, items with a “New Arrival” feature quickly motivate loyal customers to search for new products in the store. The Bestseller badge affects customers who look at the popular items in the store to be sure. Similarly, we need to place an order immediately when we see a low purchase warning and a piece of paper like “only 2 left”.

#1. Draw users’ attention to on-sale products

This is a common example in all major online retailers and therefore makes it easy for online shoppers to identify: discounted items to check if there is a discount.

With a product label, you can create labels that automatically display the discount percentage of a product and “high demand” you can also show the customer the actual amount of the deposit.

#2. Highlight New Arrivals 

Another badge is that the buyer is easy to attract, so it identifies “new arrivals,” i.e., new products added to your list. Especially if you have repeat customers who regularly visit your store pointing out new products, this is a smart way to give your store a strong touch and keep your store visitors interested.

#3. Leverage Urgency Principles

Do you have any low-cost research products and would like to show this to your customers to apply the scarcity principle? Create a badge that tells your customers that only one item from that specialty bag is available and will increase the interest of your four customers. 

It’s the same model that Booking.com has been using for years: when you check the price of a room, the label you’re looking at is the last room available: not quite right, but it works.

Types of Product Labels & Badges

Best Selling

Also known as the “best seller,” this badge tells customers that this product has been the best seller since its arrival. 


You can add this supplement to products that have received high ratings and positive customer reviews. New customers often rely on what others have to say about a product.

Editors’ Picks

When experts recommend something, people assume that those who have experience using many of the same types of products have found this.

Out of Stock

Many stores do not remove popular items from their listings, even if all units are sold. They put “all sales” tabs to notify customers. Visitors can also enter their email addresses to be notified when an item is returned for exchange.

Countdown Timer

It is especially useful when customers know that 30% off offers to expire in a few minutes. They rush to complete the order as quickly as possible with time running out. Usually, set the time to the Deal of the Day icon to maximize impact.

Limited Period Offer

This mark is usually placed on items at a reduced price for a short period. A tag can be very useful if you want to create demand for many products from a list.

Deal of the Day

It can also cause an emergency requiring an order to be placed before the expiration date.

Buy One Get One Free

Use this label if you want customers to buy more units of the same item. A free product when ordering looks like a welcome offer to all customers. However, it is important to make comparisons to make sure profits are still being made.

Free Shipping

No one wants to spend an extra $ on shipping charges. Using a free badge quickly increases your chances of making the most of changes in your store. You can enter the minimum number of shelves to qualify for the free offer.

Conclusion The WooCommerce product labels plugin has various settings for displaying labels for selecting user roles, products, countries, and more. Brands and Labels allow you to add text, images, or GIF tags to identify special products, promotions, discounts and promotions, new products, and other important information. Create urgency for popular products to increase conversion rates and revenue.

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