WooCommerce 4.1 is now available! This is a minor release and includes lots of performance improvements and stability fixes.

WooCommerce 4.1 Changelog

  • Enhancement – Update dependency woocommerce/woocommerce-admin to v1.1.1. #26330
  • Enhancement – Update dependency woocommerce/action-scheduler to v3.1.5.
  • Enhancement – Updated jetpack-autoloader to 1.6 and woocommerce-blocks to 2.5.16. #26099
  • Enhancement – Added option to ignore discounts from cart’s total amount to enable free shipping. #24776
  • Enhancement – Changed show password icon color to a darker grey hue. #25625
  • Enhancement – Use new Setup Wizard for all users. #26016
  • Security – Fixed unescaped meta data while duplicating products. Reported by Slavco.
  • Tweak – Show notice for WP min version to WP 5.2. #26094
  • Tweak – Improve the string for untested WooCommerce extensions in the system status page to avoid confusion. #25904
  • Tweak – Updated KZT (₸) symbol. #25609
  • Tweak – Trim whitespaces and strip slashes from MaxMind License Key. #25466
  • Tweak – Updated “Help” tabs documentation. #25826
  • Tweak – Update serbian currency symbol to рсд from дин. #25885
  • Fix – Password visibility toggle to hide password again from text. #25627
  • Fix – Undefined property error when attempting to modify the coupon post meta. #25755
  • Fix – Remove some of the individual rounding logic to make sure we round at certain places only. #25800
  • Fix – Order totals calculation if the order contains taxable and non-taxable products and percentage coupons. #25092
  • Fix – Wording for cancelled order email. #25316
  • Fix – Removed guided tour videos link on setup wizard (since current link only redirects to the docs). #25823
  • Fix – Add RTL style to the onboarding wizard. #25835
  • Fix – Trigger change and set val to qty on the frontend so that it properly updates event handlers. #25903
  • Fix – Corrected the way percent coupons apply remainders across the order. #25943
  • Fix – Clarified the error messaging for WooCommerce.com package update failures. #26034
  • Fix – Enforce per user usage limit check for a coupon on guest users based on email. #26066
  • Fix – Remove elements with style=display:none explicitly to address a regression causing broken email html. #26075
  • Fix – Add validation for page templates before loading.
  • Fix – Revert deprecation of $type parameter on the WC_Countries get_european_union_countries method. #26107
  • Fix – Reset plugin cache before retrieving plugin list on Subscriptions tab to improve subscriptions update stability. #26247
  • Dev – Added woocommerce_can_restock_refunded_items filter. #25728
  • Dev – Added woocommerce_order_get_tax_location filter. #25727
  • Dev – Updated /myaccount/form-login.php to use consistent kebab-case class names for woocommerce-form-row. #25668
  • Dev – Add filter woocommerce_product_upsells_products_heading to allow heading modification without having to override the template file. #25628
  • Dev – Added woocommerce_order_get_tax_location filter. #25727
  • Dev – Added the get_woocommerce_currency_symbols function to allow develops to get an array of all the currency symbol registered with WooCommerce. #25733
  • Dev – Changed string typed label_class to array in checkout fields.
  • Dev – Added “woocommerce_emogrifier” action before the content of the emails is “emogrified”. #25801
  • Dev – Add Ability to Filter Event Props. #25851
  • Dev – Updated the unit test install script to support paths to MySQL sockets that contain spaces. #25923
  • Dev – Made the default test source folders support the system tmp folder. #25923
  • Dev – Add cart & checkout block/shortcode info to tracker data. #25932
  • Dev – Make WC_Product_Data_Store_CPT::update_product_stock operations atomic. #26039
  • Dev – Adds usage data for the of cart & checkout blocks (currently in development in WooCommmerce Blocks plugin) to the WC Tracker snapshot. #26084
  • Dev – Implement some additional tracks for coupons, orders, and products. #26085

It is highly recommended to update WooCommerce to this version as soon as possible.

Download the latest release of WooCommerce here or visit Dashboard → Updates to update the plugin from your WordPress admin screen.

As always, we recommend creating a backup of your site and making sure that themes and plugins are compatible before updating. See this guide for more details.

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