With the official release of WooCommerce 4.1 which brings Marketing Hub and WooCommerce Payments (WC4.1 Changelog here), the Woo Team moves forward and as of today, WooCommerce 4.2 is available for beta testing. You can either download it directly from WordPress.org or install our WooCommerce Beta Tester Plugin. Upgrading to WooCommerce 4.2 Beta 1 does not require a database update – no new tables.

03.06.2020 Update: WooCommerce 4.2.0 is live. See Changelog.

WooCommerce 4.2 Beta 1 – New Hooks and Functions

We’ve added one new hook in this release:

woocommerce_menu_order_countEnables filtering for the count of processing orders shown in the menu.

We’ve also made some changes to a few hooks:

woocommerce_matched_ratesAdded the customer as a third argument.
woocommerce_attribute_labelFixed a bug that caused the prefix of global attributes to be removed from the second argument.

Release Schedule

Here are the targets for the WooCommerce 4.2 release cycle:

BetaMay 12th
Release CandidateMay 19th
4.2 ReleaseJune 2nd

WooCommerce 4.2 Changelog

Here’s estimated changelog for WooCommerce 4.2.0 scheduled for 2020-06-02.


  • Enhancement – Added Ghanaian regions to the state dropdown. #26273
  • Enhancement – Added Mozambique provinces to the state dropdown. #26162
  • Enhancement – Added notice about public uploads directory. #26207
  • Enhancement – Added support for the new group descriptions available on WordPress privacy exporters as of WP 5.3. #25575
  • Fix – Introduced a new admin body class for supporting styling issues in WP 5.3+. #26251
  • Fix – Removed case conversion of meta keys from CSV imports. #25517
  • Fix – Allow schedule coupons via CRUD. #26387
  • Fix – Password visibility toggle when password strength check fails. #26132
  • Fix – Cross-sell placement when product has no description. #26334
  • Fix – Display of the rate limit warning during payment method creation. #26411
  • Fix – Made the shipping zone matching query’s zone_id field more specific. #26308
  • Fix – Corrected the display of RTL languages on the WooCommerce.com addons page. #26080
  • Fix – Removed the postcode field for Ghana. #26272
  • Fix – Made the hiding of state fields more explicit for Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. #25598
  • Fix – Ensured that global attribute prefixes are passed to the woocommerce_attribute_label filter. #26022
  • Dev – Added the customer as a third argument to the woocommerce_matched_rates filter. #26361
  • Dev – Introduced woocommerce_menu_order_count filter. #26044
  • Dev – Introduced should_send_ajax_request.adding_to_cartcart event to allow short-circuiting cart addition. #25760
  • Dev – Made the jQuery selector for checkout form rows less specific. #25654
  • Dev – Changed the {site_address} placeholder to {site_url} for clarity. #25630
  • Dev – Deprecated .wp-policy-help and replaced with with the .privacy-policy-tutorial and .wp-suggested-text classes added in WP 5.1. #26072

**REST API 1.0.8**

  • Enhancement – Add support for trash status for products in V2 and V3 API. #184
  • Dev – Updated minimum PHP requirement to 7.0 to keep up with WooCommerce Core.
  • Dev – Fixed failing unit tests. #105

**WooCommerce Admin 1.2.0**

  • Enhancement – Add onboarding payments note #4157
  • Enhancement – Marketing Inbox Note #4030
  • Performance – Use Route based code splitting to reduce bundle size #4094
  • Performance – trim down inbox note API request. #3977
  • Fix – Proper display of elements in wc-admin pages when in a RTL environment. #4051
  • Fix – Update UX when knowledge base articles fail to retrieve #4133
  • Fix – Updated messaging after last step in OBW. #4148
  • Fix – Reset profiler when visiting old OBW URL #4166.
  • Fix – Dashboard flash before OBW chunk loads #4259
  • Tweak – Enable the default homepage template to be filtered #4072
  • Tweak – Create admin note if Jetpack or WooCommerce Services plugin doesn’t get installed due to an error during OBW #3888
  • Tweak – Update Email Marketing note. #4167
  • Tweak – Adjust “demo products” verbiage to “Sample Products” #4184
  • Tweak – Don’t reschedule imports on failed imports #4263
  • Tweak – Remove obsolete inbox messages #4182
  • Dev – Make query selector for admin alerts more specific #4289
  • Dev – Guard against null themes in OBW #4244
  • Dev – Update wcadmin db version after db callback #4323
  • Dev – Only migrate options on version change #4324
  • Dev – Use PAGE_ROOT constant to reduce redundant strings #4238
  • Dev – Decouple Plugins DataStore from onboarding feature #4048
  • Dev – Move API out of Onboarding #4093
  • Dev – Add Profiler Step View Tracks #4141
  • Dev – Add React Testing Library #4221
  • Dev – Add List and Link components to Storybook #4219
  • Dev – Cast Shipping Total to float #4042
  • Dev – Dynamic Currency with Context API #4027
  • Dev – Remove Duplicate array entry #4049

**Action Scheduler 3.1.6**

  • Fix – Shutdown deprecated notice changed to a warning when as_* functions called without data store initialization. #546

WordPress Support Policy

Starting with WooCommerce 4.2, the Woo team are committed to ensuring that WooCommerce Core will work with the current WordPress version, as well as the two previous release branches. Learn more about WordPress Core Support Policy.

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