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WooCommerce Order Status: checkout-draft

Published On: November 23rd, 2020|Categories: WooCommerce|Tags: , , , |2 min read|

A new order status is coming to WooCommerce – Checkout-draft. This applies to the WooCommerce Blocks.

What are WooCommerce Checkout Drafts?

By default, when WooCommerce creates an order, the status the order receives is Pending. This status represents an order that is complete, which has been submitted, and which is pending payment. For the checkout process that WooCommerce Blocks provides, however, this status doesn’t truly reflect the current state of the order, which might be incomplete or which might not have been submitted yet.

The checkout-draft status provides a more accurate representation of what state these incomplete or un-submitted orders are in when they are created.

This functionality is currently behind a flag in the feature-plugin version of WooCommerce Blocks. The new checkout-draft status will be only be visible for stores that:

  • have the WooCommerce Blocks feature-plugin active and
  • are using the Cart and Checkout blocks.

For these stores, Checkout Draft orders will show up for any query using wc_get_orders that doesn’t have an explicit status requested. Merchants who see these Checkout Drafts don’t need to take any action; there is a scheduled clean-up action that will automatically delete Checkout Drafts every 24 hours.

While there are currently only a small percentage of stores using the new Cart and Checkout Blocks via the feature-plugin, it’s important that developers be aware of this new status and start testing with it now. It will eventually become part of WooCommerce’s core functionality when the Cart and Checkout Blocks graduate from the feature-plugin to the version of WooCommerce Blocks that is bundled with WooCommerce Core. That inclusion is likely to increase adoption among merchants significantly, so it’s a good idea to get ahead of it.

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